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995 tips for making the most of college

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Find the best Profs
Boost your GPA
Classroom "no-no's"
Choose the right major
Roommate roulette
What impresses Profs...
      and what doesn't

The courses you REALLY need
Find a mentor
Party fouls

New! 4th Edition

Countdown to College:
21 'To Do' Lists for High School

Valerie Pierce with Cheryl Rilly

An easy to follow timeline to help students
maximize their high school years and
optimize their chances of 'getting where they
want to go.' While encouraging self-exploration
and self-discovery, these 'to do's' provide the
'nitty gritty' details necessary to the college
admissions process. There will be no missed
deadlines or missed opportunities, as this
step by step guide shows students and parents...

WHAT to do...WHEN to do it!

The World According To…

No words bring more joy than those of your own children as they discover the world around them. Now, there's a journal to record them! Filled with softly colored cloud-and-star pages, the book also contains leading questions guaranteed to get memorable answers, 'frame' pages for photos, and a dictionary to record those laughable, loveable mispronounced words. Available in three different color cover frames.

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